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If you’ve ever wondered how you can reuse your old candle containers, we have created a guide covering everything from cleaning out the old wax, to great ideas for repurposing candle jars.

If you’re a candle addict like us, you’ll undoubtedly have a sprawling collection of burnt out candle jars just piling up at home.
Your first step to being able to reuse your old scented candle jars is to remove all the old wax from inside it, there are a number of different ways to achieve this.

How to Clean Leftover Wax from Candle Jars

The Freezer Method

Candle wax becomes hard when it is frozen, it can easily be removed from its container. To start, place the old candle container into your freezer for a couple of hours. Once it has frozen, use a knife to gently pry out the remaining wax. Put some warm water on a paper towel and wipe out any leftover debris. Remove the metal wick holder, the jar can then be washed using warm water and soap.

The Wash & Go Method

This is the simplest method and works well for candles made of wax with a low melting point like Soy Wax. First remove as much of the leftover wax as possible. Use a hot hair dryer to soften wax and pour out the melted wax into an empty can. Then, just fill the container with soap and hot water from your tap, let it sit for a minute, before cleaning the inside.

Once you have removed all the wax, don’t forget to take out the wick holder. If it’s stuck down, just slip a sharp knife underneath and pop it out. A little hot water will usually help if it doesn’t want to come out easily.

Great Ways to reuse and Recycle Your Old Candle Containers

Your favourite scented candle is nearing the end, all it’s perfectly fragranced wax has vaporised over countless evenings of cosy enjoyment.

You’re left with just the empty vessel and a beautifully decorated, elegant container that you’re in love with almost as much as the scent it once produced.

Of course there’s no need to worry, there are plenty of great ways to reuse your old scented candle containers.

After you have followed our cleaning instructions above you’ll be able to recycle your candle glass. Here are a few of our favourite ideas…

Turn Candle Jars into Plant Pots

Old scented candle containers are the perfect size to become your latest leafy addition’s new home. With our current obsession with succulents and pretty much every other plant out there, we almost don’t have enough old candle jars – that really is saying something! 

Tidy Your Vanity Area

What better way to keep your beauty space organised than to upcycle your favourite scented candle jars? Larger candles make perfect holders for make-up brushes, eyeliners and pencils, while small candle containers make great places to keep cotton wool pads or bobby pins.

Pencil Pots For Your Desk

Your unlikely to find us at our desk without a calming candle lit, so it makes sense that when all the wax has been used up we’d recycle the candle jars to make pretty pots for our stationary!

A Vase for Flowers

Flowers & candles make us happy. This is an amazing way for repurposing your old candles. Using your candle glass as vases, for some fresh blooms is the ideal way to reuse them.

Home office container

A travel candle tin container to hold all of your home office bits & pieces etc paper clips, board pins, memo clips. 

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